7 AliExpress Alternatives (Faster Shipping & Cheaper Prices)

You're stuck... tired of the long shipping times and expensive prices for many of the products on AliExpress... you're looking for some AliExpress alternatives.

Well, you've found the right place!

Today we'll be diving into 7 sites like AliExpress that will help you find wholesale suppliers you can trust.

Not to mention, some of these websites are even suppliers themselves, and support dropshipping!

If you want to get started with one of the best suppliers of this list, then use Spocket!

Right now you can use Spocket to find top dropshipping suppliers of original US/EU products.

Furthermore you'll be able to get products with better quality, or even order products in bulk at a wholesale discount.

Without further a do, let's dive in.

7 AliExpress Alternatives with Faster Shipping and Cheaper Prices

In the first place, AliExpress is not necessarily a bad option to source products for your eCommerce store.

However, you may want some other options and alternative sites like AliExpress when looking to source wholesale products. 

In fact you'll be able to find a better variety with these suppliers and wholesale distributors as well.

To clarify, some of these companies are free to use and others are paid directories.

Now into the list!


  • Original US/EU products
  • Drop shipping
  • Fast shipping
  • Free to sign up

Spocket has come in as a fantastic alternative to AliExpress. You have more supplier choices for those looking for something a little different than AliExpress.

Now, Spocket also works with all the most popular eCommerce platforms... and make it easy to sell drop shipping products.

First and foremost Spocket is a supplier list that helps you source the best suppliers. Here you can find a wide variety of different US/EU products.

Typically you can find products that are much more unique, such as baby clothing or candles. These are areas that are somewhat difficult to find on AliExpress in comparison.

salehoo aliexpress alternatives


  • Supports dropshipping
  • Large variety of trusted suppliers
  • Complimentary training videos
  • Excellent customer support
  • Paid directory

Albeit, one of the most frustrating aspects of AliExpress is the lack of trustworthy suppliers you can count on. While some products do have great suppliers with consistent quality delivery to your customers, others simply do not.

Together with Salehoo, you can know that all the wholesale suppliers are trustworthy and ready to give you a great experience.

Additionally they offer you dropshipping support, and a massive library of complimentary training videos to help you with your business.


  • 1-3 business days shipping
  • All products in the US warehouse
  • Free to try

Sellvia is an excellent alternative to AliExpress dropshipping. With short shipping times of only 1 to 3 business days, you can be sure that customers receive orders on time.

Product prices are lower with Sellvia than AliExpress suppliers as well, which helps you save money.

You also gain access to their list of proven trending products with better optimized images and product descriptions.

When it comes to eCommerce platform compatibility, at the moment, Sellvia is compatible with both WooCommerce and WordPress.

But in the case of WordPress, the AliDropship plugin is needed for the Sellvia installation to work.

The Shopify integration is being worked on, and will be coming soon, however the final date of the release is not available yet.

#4 - Alibaba

alibaba aliexpress alternatives


  • Bulk suppliers with cheap pricing
  • Large variety
  • Fast shipping
  • Free to use
  • High minimum orders
  • Supplier lead time (waiting for chat)

Certainly Alibaba is an excellent wholesale supplier choice for those looking for something a little different than AliExpress.

Now, Alibaba is the parent company to AliExpress... yet they are very different from one another in how they operate.

First and foremost Alibaba is a bulk wholesale supplier product directory. Here you can find a wide variety of different Chinese products.

Typically you can find products in large quantities, such as a 100 piece minimum order quantity for smaller items. This is both a pro and con depending on what you're looking for in a supplier.

With the bulk supplier ordering style, you can snag some inventory for just $0.10 per unit or less on some products.

#5 - DHGate

dhgate aliexpress alternatives


  • Massive variety of products
  • Similar navigation to AliExpress
  • Free to use
  • Long shipping times

If you're looking for some sites like AliExpress, then DHgate is probably the most similar websites like AliExpress. DHgate provides a navigation and feel that is almost exactly the same, so no confusion there.

However, the downside to DHgate is that is does come along with many of the same problems as AliExpress. Additionally there are also long shipping times, and some supplier trust issues.

All that aside if you just want one of the AliExpress alternatives that is almost identical to it, and yet with more product choices - this is the one for you.

#6 - TaoBao

taobao aliexpress alternatives


  • Wide array of clothing options
  • Good quality from most suppliers
  • Massive variety
  • Free to use
  • Complicated order process
  • Difficult site navigation

When looking for clothing on AliExpress you're likely to find very little variety. That is where TaoBao really becomes one of the best AliExpress alternatives if you want to dropship clothing.

On the other hand, you will find it somewhat difficult to place orders and navigate the website. The site is not translated easily to English so it may take you some time to get used to the way TaoBao works.

When I ordering on TaoBao, my friend was able to place the order. You will be impressed by the clothing from them and is absolutely stellar quality for the price.

If you would like help with ordering, you can click here to follow the guide.

#7 - Wholesale Survival Kits (WSK)

wholesale kits aliexpress alternatives


  • Supports dropshipping
  • Excellent quality
  • Fast shipping
  • Excellent customer support
  • Single niche
  • Paid directory

If you are in the survival niche, emergency prep, disaster relief or general preparedness niche... this is most certainly one of the best AliExpress alternatives for you. The level of quality is stellar.

There simply are no other sites for this niche that offer dropshipping so well.

Not to mention, their support is very responsive and easy to communicate with. Wholesale survival kits are a U.S. based company so you're sure to have fast shipping times with customers located in the United States.

Overall, for some more product options to dropship in your eCommerce store look no further than WSK. If you're in the niche of products they sell it's a no brainier. They're the best wholesale distributor in the survival niche.

An example business that would work well with this supplier is Survival Tech Shop, an outdoor and sporting goods company.

Now there is an application process and they will look over your website. This is just to make sure you represent their brand well (they're not too strict just make sure you're relevant to what they offer).

By all means for a dropshipping solution, this is one of the best sites like AliExpress, and yet with better quality and much faster shipping.

#8 - Pet Stores USA

pet stores usa aliexpress alternatives


  • Supports dropshipping
  • Diverse pet products
  • Great support
  • Fast shipping
  • Single niche
  • Paid directory

For those who sell pet products, this is your best option for more variety of products. Additionally where AliExpress does not offer any food items (ie: dog treats, catnip). That is where Pet Stores USA can come in and be that wholesale supplier for you.

As one of the other USA based AliExpress alternatives, do keep in mind they also have an application process for their customers. Once again, they're not too strict.

An example business that would work well with this supplier is Beyond The Treat, a pet supplies company.

When running a pet store, you need products that fulfill those food needs for your audience. For instance, they also offer pet products for fish, rodents, and other animals. Again, no matter what kind of pet store you run... they've got you covered.

#9 - Worldwide Brands

worldwide brands aliexpress alternatives


  • Supports dropshipping
  • Large variety of trusted suppliers
  • Massive product selection
  • Very established and credible
  • Paid directory

Certainly a company such as Worldwide Brands has quite the established authority for wholesale products. This company has been around for years and will give you a massive variety of products to sell to your audience.

In addition to bulk wholesale, they also have a large choice of different dropshipping options to choose in their suppliers.

This is a paid directory like many of the others in this list. Yet, with exclusivity comes quality. In fact these suppliers are also in a relationship similar to Salehoo to where they are trusted and safe. In comparison to the other AliExpress alternatives, this company has a massive product variety.

Sites Like AliExpress - Conclusion

By and large, you need to offer more product offerings for you customers. Sometimes AliExpress alone just doesn't cut it with their suppliers.

With this in mind, to have the best advantage and diverse eCommerce store these wholesale companies and sites like AliExpress should get you to there.

For this reason you can generally have a wider array of products and with some have even better shipping times and even cheaper prices per unit.

To summarize, no matter what... you will have to consider what is best for you out of these different AliExpress alternatives. After all these are just a few of the many companies out there.

Hope this helps!

Brennan 🙂

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